Computer Science BSc

Computer Science BSc students

  • acquire such knowledge that enables them to create, introduce, operate, service, develop and implement software-oriented IT devices and systems on their own or as members of a team,
  • learn how to design, analyse and apply algorithms using the most important paradigms,
  • study basic software development methodologies and technologies
  • possess skills at the basics of data modelling, designing, creating and modifying data bases,
  • learn the use of SQL,
  • are capable of applying the methods and tools of artificial intelligence, logical programming, using divided systems, and developing websites.

The theoretical and practical knowledge that they acquire during their studies makes it possible for them to start their MSc courses. The ones who decide to start working after graduation will most likely develop and operate mobile, desktop, server web and multimedia applications and IT systems.

Opportunities in the labour market

  • Computer Science BSc graduates can find positions of junior software developers at software developing companies where C, C++, Java, Javascript, C#, .NET, PHP, Python, SQL, etc. are required.
  • In some years, after gaining practical experience they can become senior software developers, or they can specialize in different fields such as mobile developers, data base experts, IT system programmers, graphics developers, game programmers, etc.
  • In the long run they can be promoted to management positions provided they are suitable for such positions and they take part in post-graduate trainings.

The ideal applicant for this major should

  • be skilled at some elements of programming
    • be acquainted with programming languages at basic level
    • like programming and he/she has done it in practice
  • have good abstraction abilities and be good at Mathematics
  • have a good command of English.

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