06 Mar
They Count on Our University
Through an investment of about 100 million euros, a new plant is to be established in Debrecen by the German technological giant Continental, creating 450 new jobs. An important part in making this decision has been played by the knowledge base represented by the University of Debrecen.
11 Dec
Calculations for a Safer Internet
A presentation on the mathematical background of the RSA encryption applied on the World Wide Web was held this past Friday at the Faculty of Informatics by a professor Andrej Dujella, who then also received his honorary doctor’s degree from the University of Debrecen on Saturday.
11 Sep
Applied Mathematics in Focus
The most recent achievements in the academic fields of probability theory and theoretical and applied statistics are to be discussed by researchers of these disciplines at an international conference hosted by Faculty of Informatics at the University of Debrecen.
07 Nov
Pulling an All-Nighter
Five games, twelve hours of competition time, approximately two hundred gamers, two kilometres of UTP cables – these were some of the figures by which the LAN Party of the Faculty of Information Technology could be characterized.
17 Oct
Strategic Agreement
A trilateral agreement of cooperation has been signed about education and corporate social responsibility by and between the University of Debrecen, the local government of the city of Debrecen, and the company British Telecom.
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