Computer Science Engineering MSc

Computer Science Engineer MSc students have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge that they have acquired in their BSc course, to get acquainted with the modern trends of Informatics and to deepen this knowledge. They can also acquire the necessary knowledge in Mathematics which is required for their chosen specialization. After being admitted to an MSc course, students do not have to decide their specialization at once, since the first semester is aimed at providing them with basic knowledge, teaching them basic subjects and introducing students to engineering thinking. Besides theoretical education, a great emphasis is laid on practical training which is done in IT laboratories. Moreover, they have the opportunity to carry out individual activities which are coordinated and supervised by well-qualified consultants, and they can take part in research projects which are related to their chosen field and which can serve as a base for their theses.

There are two specializations

  • Info-Communication Networks: students get acquainted with modern network technologies, high-speed systems, cloud-based services, etc.
  • Embedded and Reconfigurable Systems: this specialization deals with embedded systems, programmable circuits, controllers, sensors, etc.

Opportunities in the labour market

Computer Science Engineer MSc graduates can find positions in the labour market. In our region there are several international companies (e.g. IT Services Hungary, National Instruments) which always provide enough work for our graduates. On the basis of their BSc and MSc studies, our students have the opportunity to pass international certification exams such as Cisco with the help of which they gain great advantages for being successful applicants in the national and international labour market. The ones who are interested in the Science of Informatics can be admitted to the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Informatics and by fulfilling the requirements can receive their PhD degrees.

The ideal applicant

  • is devoted to a deeper understanding of the technical fields of Informatics, such as networks, IT systems
  • is eager to study mathematical, physical and electronical topics that are necessary for this
  • is capable of working individually under control.

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