2021 Professional Days autumn

At the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Debrecen, on November 04-05, 2021, for the 24th time, we will organize the series of presentations of IT Professional Days once again. We respectfully invite our students as well as the partner companies / institutions / organizations.

In view of the external conditions related to the pandemic, we are preparing to hold the event in a hybrid way, therefore students will be able to follow the physical lectures in the faculty building online. Under current government measures, those who physically attend the event are required to present an Immunity Certificate.

Student attendance will be monitored in both forms, in such a way that an online attendance is worth 20% of a physical attendance, i.e., five online lecture attendances are equivalent to one physical attendance. Following the event, we will establish aggregate lecture numbers per student based on this. IMPORTANT: physical attendance will be recorded with student card, so please make sure to bring it with you!

During the professional days, the vast majority of the company stands will once again be physically visible in the hall, but there will also be those who, like the last two events, are welcoming our students in an online stand room. Thanks to our corporate partners, it will again be possible to take part in test interviews in some classrooms of the faculty building and in the stand rooms of online exhibitors.

The current event is attended by a large number of companies that operate at a high level, so we feel that those who visit the stands physically can gain a lot (internship, future job opportunity, professional interview experience, knowledge of each field, etc.). With this in mind, we also tried to make lecturer offerings.

On this page we continuously publish the program of the event, the list of companies exhibiting physically and online, the place and time of the trial interviews, the list of instructor offers and other information.

You can join the presentations via the https://tovabbkepzes.unideb.hu/course/view.php?id=574 moodle interface, the key required to register for the conference: ISZN2021.

Links to the live streaming of the sections will be found in moodle. In order to record the participation required for the various teacher offerings, an attendance sheet will appear on the moodle interface during the presentations, for which a password will be received in the live window during the live broadcast. Questions that may arise during each presentation can be asked on the YouTube chat interface during the broadcast. 

On the two days of the event, we will be organizing an escape room with the title Escape from the Wise Men, for which you can apply for a 5-person round. One round is one hour, places for participants are limited. Apply form HERE

For students

Contact person: Bence Hegedűs

E-mail: rendezveny@inf.unideb.hu

Phone: +36 20 216 44 99


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