Computer Science BSc - Diploma Requirements

Length of the program

  • Number of semesters: 6.
  • Total hours (total student study time): min. 5,400 hours, of which the number of teaching (contact) hours: min. 1,800.
  • Number of credits required to obtain degree: 180.
    • Natural Science and basic vocational training: 120
    • Compulsory vocational subjects of choice: 29
    • Optional natural science subjects: 5
    • Other optional subjects: 6
    • Thesis: 20

The grade of diplom will be calculated from the final grade for the state exam and the grade of the next subjects

  • INGK302 Programming Languages 2
  • INGK212 Operating Systems 2
  • INGK501 Database Systems

The compulsory vocational subjects of choice are divided into five modules named A, B, C, D, S. At least one subject from each modul should be chosen and in total 29 credits from the modul subjects should be collected.

Questions for the final examination


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