Distance learning



The Moodle system of the University of Debrecen serves as an official course administration. 

System availability: https://elearning.unideb.hu/login/index.php, available using eduID. 

Information about the courses - in addition to any other instructions from the lecturer - are published here together with the teaching materials (notes, slides, videos, etc.), and how the training is conducted and the performances of the students are measured (tests, task assignments, etc.). 



Currently in progress: 

  • To administer distance learning, lecturers must use the university's e-learning system (Moodle). Access can be activated with the first log in, so we ask everyone to do it so as soon as possible (https://elearning.unideb.hu/login/index.php) or from the opening screen. 

  • The recording of IK courses in Moodle is currently in progress centrally, we ask all lecturers to constantly check the system and start uploading your courses as soon as they are available. 


Technical information on the Moodle system: 


Moodle assistance on a faculty level: 

Log in, course registration, main functions: moodle@inf.unideb.hu 

Task allocations/tests, plug-ins: szeghalmy.szilvia@inf.unideb.hu 





Moodle system assistance for students: 

Zsolt Magyar:   


IK (Faculty of Informatics) Studio 


For faculty lecturers, a studio for recording an electronic curriculum in classroom conditions has been furnished in room IF09. The key to the classroom can be picked up from the reception. A remote technical assistance will be provided by Adam Szikra. When using the studio, hygiene standards should be taken into account. 

Please indicate your request for use at the faculty’s  Helpdesk





Webex is the Cisco's professional team-work supporting system. 



Currently in progress: 

  • Within Moodle, the Webex service is available in the form of a plug-in for which a free license is available (3 months for the time being), this request has been made to the faculty lecturers already, currently we are waiting for a feedback 

  • The Webex system is currently configured on the UD Moodle's server, it is worth monitoring its usability 

  • NEW: e-learning center has added the faculty lecturers to webex interface in Moodle 

Technical information about webex: 


Webex assistance on a faculty level: 

Dr. Szabolcs Szilagyi: szilagyi.szabolcs@inf.unideb.hu 



Students simply need to open the link.



Microsoft Office 365  


Microsoft Teams is one of the features of Microsoft Office 365. It is a platform for distance learning and teamwork for teachers and students at the University of Debrecen.



Currently in progress: 

  • Currently, a central setting is also taking place regarding electronic mail system of the faculty lecturers MS accounts, so we kindly ask lecturers NOT TO REGISTER a Microsoft account with a "name@ inf.unideb.hu" ID (other identifiers can be used). 


Microsoft Office Assistance on a faculty level: 

Dr. Roland Kunkli, (MS Teams):   

Dr. Zoltan Gal, (MS Office except Teams): gal.zoltan@inf.unideb.hu 





Streams and video recording 


Multiple platforms (such as YouTube, Twitch, Microsoft Office, Moodle, Webex) can be used to stream materials online that students can view in Moodle (at different and/or any time, indicated by a lecturer). 

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) 


For lecturers, you can use multiple tools, such as Open Broadcaster Software, to preview video or stream online. 



OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)





Lecturers: (Upload in progress)



User Guide (document) (thanks to Norbert Serban) 


In addition to the stream, it can be used for team work because communication is well-controlled. 





Lecturers(Upload in progress)



Instructions for use: please open the link received from your lecturer. 






User Guide (document) (thanks to David Kupas) 



User Guide: please click on the shared link 


Assistance for streams and video productions: 

Dr. Agnes Baran (additional tools for making videos), baran.agnes@inf.unideb.hu 

Renato Besenczi (stream, OBS, Twitch): besenczi.renato@inf.unideb.hu  

David Kupas (Discord, Twitch),   ; Discord: DavidK#6107 

Janos Toth (Skype, Hangouts),   








Students simply need to open the link they posted or accept the invitation to join a group chat. Prerequisite: you must have a Microsoft account. 






All you need to do is to open the link to join a group conversation. 

Prerequisite: you must have a Google Account (only Hangouts Meet in G Suit supports connecting without a Google account.) 



Data storage 


Within Microsoft Office 365, citizens of the University of Debrecen have 1TB of storage in the form of a cloud service (OneDrive). 



Software for Home Office  


A list of classroom and server-side software has been collected in the Faculty and replaced with free solutions if it was necessary. 

The full list can be found here.  

SAP access (thanks to Dr. Anett Racz) 

SAS access (thanks to Dr. Szokol Patricia)


Updated: 2020.03.30.

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