Professional Training

The internship is compulsory and expected to be completed within the bachelor and master programme on an external practical placement at an company or firm, or on a placement at a higher educational institution. [LXXX. Higher Education Law 147. § 36] You will carry out the work practice in any semester after you have fulfilled all the curriculum requirements.

Those students who have been admitted to the University of Debrecen after september 2014 are obliged to fulfil 320 hours in BSc and 240 hours in MSc programs.

You can complete the internship in your home country too.


The prerequisites to apply for a professional training


  • Computer Science BSc: fulfillment of High-level programming languages 2, Database systems and Database systems labor courses,
  • Business Informatics BSc: fulfillment of Programming 2 and International financial accounting courses,
  • Computer Science Engineering BSc: fulfillment of Programming languages 2 and Computer Networks courses.

All MSc students (Computer Science Msc and Computer Science Engineering MSc) may apply for an internship from the second semester.


Process of the professional training


A new electronic system was introduced to support the administration of internships (professional trainings) from 27 May 2022.

The system can be accessed by clicking on the following link after logging in (top right corner):

Before logging in for the first time, please register using this link:

Then log in with your eduID ID and password (same as used for Neptun).

Find a company, fill the Declaration of Acceptance form and upload it to the electronic system one month prior to starting internship. The signature of the supervisor and the CEO, the company stamp, furthermore the exact name and adress of the company and its email adress are necessary with a short description about the expected tasks.

Click here to download the template of Declaration of Acceptance.


The fact of application and acceptance for the professional training will be recorded in the Neptun system (no separate notification is sent by e-mail). After acceptance, the contract with the company will be concluded.


After fulfillment of professional training, you have to fill the Certification of Fulfilment and write a one page report about your activities and upload them to the electronic system. The signature of the supervisor and the CEO, and the company stamp are necessary on both documents. The student is obliged to upload the Certification of fulfilment and the one page report at least 2 weeks before the state exam.

For those students who sent their Declaration of Acceptance form before 27 May 2022, the administration has not yet been carried out in the new electronic system, so the Certification of Fulfilment and the one page report must be sent in scanned version to the email

Click here to download the template of Certification of Fulfilment.


Professional Practice is not acceptable when the student disregarded the process of the professional training (made it without any aforementioned official documents).


Information about Professional Training subject

(Only valid for students who started 2021 September or later)


From the semester 2022/23/1 the „Professional Training” as a subject is obligatory which have to be registered and done.

The credits for the „Professional Training” subject can be accepted in the „Differentiated knowledge” block or the „Free choice” block.

In BSc programs the recommended semester for registration is the 6th.

The Professional training subject can be registered only if:

  • in BSc program the student finished all the prerequisites according to the Rules and Regulations
  • in MSc program the 2nd active semester is started


The subject can be registered by yourself in fall and spring semesters until the end of the first week in the study period. After that it can be registered only for 3 weeks, with request.


  • Graduating students must submit the Certification of Fulfilment and the one page report by two week before the State Exam/Final Exam period.
  • Registration for the „Professional Training” subject is recommended only if the professional training can be finished and also the certification with the one page report can be submitted 1 week before the end of the exam period of the given semester.
  • If the Professional training happened during the summer, the Professional training subject have to be registered in the next semester.


Tasks for graduationg students for the semester 2022/23/1:

The „Professional Training” subject can be registered only with Neptun request (without administration fees) until 2nd of October 2022.

We recommend the registration for those students, who:

  • finished the Professional training
  • finished the prerequisites and the certification of fullfilment can be submitted by the deadlines mentioned above.




Phone: +36 52 512 900 / 75043 or 75230

Office hours: Monday-Friday 9.00-11.00 

Room: IF23




Professional training opportunities 

Internship Duration Start date
Electronic Engineer – semiconductor test 6 months ASAP
Electronic Engineer – R&D Internship 6 months   ASAP
Shiny App Developer  6 months  ASAP 


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