Business Informatics BSc

The aim of Business Informatics BSc course is to train professionals who bridge the gap between the developers of business software and their users. During their training students learn how to implement their knowledge in the field of economics and IT. As a result, they will be able to understand both software development and business and financial processes, and as a consequence, after graduation they will be able to solve business problems supported by info-communication technologies and to operate business IT systems. Moreover, they will be able to co-operate with economics and business professionals, partners, software developers, even in a foreign language. Another aim of the course is to provide students with the required basic theoretical and practical knowledge that is necessary for their MSc studies. The University of Debrecen was the first Hungarian institution of higher education with its Business BSc and MSc majors to join the Joint Certificate Project of SAS, the market leading company of analytical business software. This project prepares Business Informatics students for working in a business environment being rich in data and enables them to acquire a Certification in Business Information Technology. Besides this, students have the opportunity to study the most important modules of software produced by SAP, the top company producing business management software. Such knowledge will definitely be profitable in the labour market.

Opportunities in the labour market

The following career prospects are the most probable

  • company management system supporter
  • business analyser
  • financial report developer
  • system administrator
  • business data system developer and tester

A successful applicant for a position should be excellent at such basic technologies as

  • MySQL or MS SQL database
  • Unix/Linux, and Windows operation systems

After gaining appropriate experience Business Informatics graduates can succeed in applying for the position of Manager at smaller enterprises.

The ideal applicant for this major should

  • have logical and creative thinking
  • have good algorithmic thinking
  • know the mathematics material taught at high school
  • be interested in financial and business matters
  • be able to program at basic level

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