Library and Information Science MA

No training in English is available.

Students majoring in Library and Information Science MA become librarians of the modern era. As a result of their studies, they are able to find requested information and necessary documents excellently. Also, they are able to collect, process, analyse, and store them systematically, and to make them available for anyone who is interested in them.

They acquire management skills and knowledge, consequently they are capable of understanding, organizing and restructuring the work of a library.

They get to know the latest library technologies. They work with such IT tools that make it possible for them to search the fast increasing amount of information of the 21st century, to find hidden information, to systematise and prepare it for utilization.

They are able to accomplish one of the most important tasks of an information sharing society: sharing information in a really effective way.


Last update: 2023. 01. 26. 17:51