Dr. Arató Mátyás, the retired professor of the Faculty of Informatics established a foundation working as a legal entity. Since 29th May 2012 Prof Dr. Pethő Attila has been in charge of the foundation.

The foundation is open and anyone can join it provided they agree with its aims and support them. Any inland or foreign natural or legal entity, company without a legal entity can donate, however, the donators cannot lay down conditions regarding the use of their donations.

The name of the Foundation and its location
New Millennium Foundation for the Development of Informatics The Faculty of Informatics of the University of Debrecen
26 Kassai Rd Debrecen, Postcode 4028

The Founder

  • Arató Mátyás
  • Pethő Attila

The Aim of the Foundation
The aim of the Foundation is to support the education of Informatics, to help the approach of science to economy, to work on innovations in the field of Informatics, to level up information culture, and to help people to prepare for living in information society.

The following activities of public benefit are supported by the Foundation

  • scientific work, research
  • education, training, skill development, popularizing IT systems

In order to reach its goals, the foundation is eager to

  • do research and development in the field of Informatics which serve the benefits of information society, spread computer literacy at a high level in the region, and educate future IT professionals   
  • support IT students’ participation in R and D projects by providing them with awards, scholarships, infrastructural support
  • support IT students’ scientific work by giving them awards and scholarships
  • support students who excel in their studies by giving them awards and scholarships
  • organize programming contests for students and support participating students by paying entrance fees, application fees, and arrangement expenses
  • organize and support the organization of Hungarian and international scientific conferences in Informatics and Mathematics

The founder of the foundation states that

  • the foundation will only undertake business activities in order to reach its goals of public benefit, and these activities will never endanger its aims
  • its income from its activities will never be divided and it will be expended on its aims stated in the foundation documents
  • the foundation will never be involved in direct political activities, will have to be independent of political parties, will never support any political party, and will never accept any donation or support from them
  • the foundation will never nominate or support any Member of Parliament, candidate for county, capital city or local government elections

The tax number of the foundation

  •     18559042-2-09

Thank you for your generous donation.

Updated: 2018.02.27.

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