DEIK successes at Play2Green hackathon in Dubrovnik

Five students and two instructors achieved success in Dubrovnik.

Five DEIK students (Nadine Jallouli, Dorra Jaouad, Bakhomious Basta, Antal Svec, Richárd Pap) and two associate professors (Ildikó Papp and Marianna Zichar) participated in the workshop of the ERASMUS+ funded Play2Green project in Dubrovnik.

The physical mobility was preceded by a virtual mobility of almost 3 months, during which the students were working as part of an international team on a mobile application prototype.
In total, five green-themed based serious games were outlined by the beginning of September, which were finalised during the physical mobility.
The week in Dubrovnik was not only an opportunity to meet the team members and theme leaders in person, but also to attend professional presentations and cultural and leisure activities.

The last day of the workshop brought several recognition for the DEIK team. Antal Svec was among the best prototyping team members,
Dorra Jaouad and Richárd Pap were among the best "green scenario" team members, and Ildikó Papp, Marianna Zichar (and Katarina Mandaric) were the theme leaders while Nadine Jallouli was awarded the Best Social Media Influencer prize.

Among the professional presentations, DEIK lecturers gave a one-day hands-on lecture on 3D modelling and printing.
The customized models designed by the students were 3D printed by the end of the week-long stay.
The Play2Green project is now over for students after registering the earned ECTS into the Neptun, but the lectureres still have a lot of work to do before the end of the project.



Last update: 2023. 09. 29. 13:21