Department of Applied Mathematics and Probability Theory

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Head of Department

  • Prof. Dr. Sándor BARAN, Professor

    • Main research areas: Probabilistic weather forecasting. Parameter estimation problems of discrete and continuous random fields. Applied statistics (biological, geological and medical applications).

    Members of the Department

    • Dr. Bernadett ARADI, Assistant professor

      • Main research areas: Finsler-geometry.
    • Dr. Ágnes BARAN, Associate Professor
      • Main research areas: Finite element methods.

      • Attila BARTA, Assistant Lecturer
      • Prof. Dr. István FAZEKAS, Professor
        • Main research areas: Limit theorems of probability theory. Network models. Regression models in statistics.
      • Dr. Erika FÜLÖP, Assistant Professor
        • Dr. József GÁLL, Associate Professor
          • Main research areas: Financial mathematics.
        • Dr. Bettina Lukácsné PORVÁZSNYIK, Assistant Professor
          • Main research areas: Discrete probability models, Random graphs, Limit theorems in probability theory.
        • Csaba NOSZÁLY, Assistant Lecturer
        • Sándor PECSORA, Assistant Lecturer
          • Main research areas: Network modelling, Random graphs.
        • Dr. Kinga SIKOLYA-KERTÉSZ, Assistant Professor
          • Main research areas: applied statistics; parameter estimation in linear regression driven by random sheets; stochastic optimization.
        • Dr. Patrícia Ágnes SZOKOL, Assistant Professor
          • Main research areas: functional analysis, preserver problems, convexity and its applications.
        • Dr. Anett RÁCZ, Assistant Professor
          • Main research areas: Computational optimization, Decision theory.
        • Prof. Dr. Tamás VERTSE, Professor Emeritus
          • Main research areas: high precision numerical methods for calculating resonances.


        • Dr. István KALMÁR, Assistant Professor
        • Dr. Márta NAGY, Assistant Professor

        PhD students

        • Attila Barta
        • El Ayari Mehrez
        • László Fórián
        • Attila Juhász
        • Mária Lakatos
        • Marianna Szabó

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