Library Science Teacher – undivided teacher training course

No training in English is available

The aim of the course is to train teachers who are capable of teaching library use and information literacy and are prepared to carry out mentoring and pedagogical work connected with information literacy in the libraries of educational institutions, in public and bifunctional libraries and integrated institutions.

Library Science Teachers are capable of:

  • supporting various tasks of the teaching process in the field of specialty, pedagogy, psychology, methodology and practice using traditional and info-communication sources
  • measuring, researching and developing the system of information literacy skills
  • designing and developing curriculum systems that are suitable for the state of maturity of children and young people visiting libraries
  • planning and giving library lessons of their specialization
  • developing children’s and adults’ digital literacy, IT competences and reading comprehension skills
  • being admitted to start their PhD studies

Library Science teacher training can be completed in a 4+1 – year course and Library students can also choose another major taught at the University of Debrecen in either the 4+1 or the 5+1 – year training system. According to their qualification, our graduates can teach Library Information Science as part of the subject of Information Technology and work as examiners in finals exams.

Last update: 2023. 01. 26. 17:51