Intelligence Hunt 8th Edition

2021, szeptember 16 - 12:30
Are you interested in gaining real-world professional experience? Would you like to expand your business network?

Dear Talent !

Are you interested in gaining real-world professional experience? Would you like to expand your business network? Have you ever wanted to test your skills and competence with a case study from a key player within an international or global industry? Are you interested in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, the Maritime Industry or companies working for solutions to combat climate change? Are you fascinated about Artificial Intelligence or coding?

Introduction with the LINK to APPLY

The Intelligence Hunt is an innovative and exciting 3-4 months long project with many opportunities for you to show your talent and knowhow as working on a real assignment given by a case company. These case companies have specially designed case studies regarding either projects of today or concepts of tomorrow and they aim to challenge you and your professional abilities, while gaining access to talent recruitment and developing real innovations. While working on these cases, you will be in direct communications with the company. This offers the opportunity to gain great experience in the real business world and to make long lasting contacts. You can add this experience to your CV and it also open doors for your future career.

Within the process of working on the case study you will receive assistance from one of our experienced well connected professional mentors, with amazing careers themselves. The Mentor is a valuable asset to you and your team and provides you with resources and guidance on how your solutions could be more suitable for the case company. Also, regarding your network, you will be working in a diverse international talent team, which are formed of fellow talents from around the globe. In the past we have had finalists from all over the world and many great friendships and professional opportunities have been created between the team members.

These are just some of the things you would experience within the Intelligence Hunt company and talent project competition. This competition also requires commitment and effort. Through all the research and ideation phases of solving the case you will undoubtedly learn more about these key industries and you will be able to develop your professional competencies in a real-world scenario. At the end of the competition, you will be able to showcase your project results in a presentation to a global audience and to an international jury.

We invite you on board for our latest edition of the Intelligence Hunt project. Please, feel free to share this information with your colleagues and friends.

The project competition is open for all who have already graduated or to those still studying in the University.

You will find the link to apply as a candidate for the Intelligence Hunt project introduction above and here below
Apply as a Candidate

Please note! The registration is open till September 20th , 2021.

Looking forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Jonathan Atwood
Winning Team Leader, Intelligence Hunt 7, #IHCUP2021 Transport Logistics


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