16 Nov
Internships at Google
#CareerDevelopment #dscunideb #dschungary #DeveloperStudentClubs
12 Nov
Google internships
Google has announced some internships for female students and students with Disabilities to encourage them toward Technology.
03 Nov
Zoohackathon 2020.
Join the 2020 European Regional Virtual Zoohackathon on November 6-8!
03 Nov
Cutting-Edge Technology for Dental Education and Services
The Faculty of Dentistry of UD has two 3D printers now. This state-of-the-art technology can be used for making dental impressions, implant templates and "scaffolding".
29 Oct
Devfest is back to Hungary!
29 Oct
UniHack - an international hackathon for university and high school students. This year, we're going digital!
16 Oct
New Supercomputer at the University
A new development, which will be carried out at the Supercomputer Centre of UD and completed by 2022, will multiply the HPC capacity currently available in Hungary by ten. On Friday, the time capsule of the project was placed at the Kassai Campus, where the facility will be located.
28 Sep
An ideathon powered by Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions 13 November 2020.
22 Sep
UD Professor at AE
Zoltán Barta, university teacher of the Faculty of Technology and Science at UD has become member of the Academia Europaea (AE). With the renowned behavioural ecologist, UD now has eight members in the organisation.

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